Christopher Chong: “I was born, educated and worked in Malaysia. Now for some details, FB style:  Gen-X’er; Digital migrant; Post-evangelical Christian (and a closeted reformed who is partial towards free-church tradition) ; Graduated at Science University of Malaysia (PhD Political Science) 2011 ;  working as a lecturer in a private university; Interested in ethics, politics and the theo-political with reference to Malaysia.”

Sivin Kit: “I’m a man of one wife, and father of four kids. Currently, I am doing my doctoral studies in the field of Religion, Ethics and Society in Norway.”

Alwyn Lau: (coming soon)

Steven Sim: “I am born and bred in Penang, Malaysia. I graduated from Universiti Malaya with a bachelor of computer science and is currently a graduate student at Universiti Sains Malaysia, studying for an MA in Philosophy. My interests include (Later) Wittgenstein, political philosophy, international relations, theology and comparative religion.  am married to my beautiful wife, JR and both of us worship at the Faith Community Church, Bukit Mertajam.”

Joshua Woo : “Sze Zeng’ is my Chinese name while I’m known as ‘Joshua’ most the time. I’m a Malaysian who is currently located in Singapore since 2003. I’m interested in Christian theological view on political philosophy, political economy, ethics, and religious plurality.”

  1. Hi there everyone,

    My name is Greg Lopez. A student at the Australian National University. I edit the Malaysian section of an academic blog called New Mandala.

    New Mandala provides new perspectives, analyses and anecdotes on Southeast Asia.

    We would be very pleased if anyone of you or in collaboration could reflect on issues affecting Malaysia.

    Thanks very much

  2. Hi Greg,

    Thank you for the invitation!

    Sze Zeng

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