Christi-Anarchy: Incarnating Radical Compassion in our Communities – A Conversation with Dave Andrews

Please join us for a conversation with Dave Andrews for an enriching conversation on how to construct viable spaces for radiating social justice and peace, on building and sustaining communities of hope and compassion modeled on Christian incarnational living, especially in Malaysia’s multi-faith and multicultural context. Described as “weirdy, beardy, proverbially wise-old, kind-old, be-slippered, fire-sided, snoozy, fearless, story-telling, grand-fatherly, rugged, and tribal-leader”, Dave is the perfect conversation partner, guide and guru for learning about how to incarnate Christ’s “extreme” and uncompromising love to the poorest, the least and the lost among our communities.

Dave will be joined by Boon Kia Meng of Friends-In-Conversation to explore these ideas for a radical spirituality of compassion. This conversation is organized by Friends in Conversation.

Date: Wednesday 8 August 2012
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Bangsar Lutheran Church, 23 Jalan Abdullah off Jalan Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Please register by sending an email to friendsinconversation@gmail. com by Monday 6th August 2012

About Dave Andrews:

Dave Andrews was a missionary to India where they served with Interserve for twelve years. He and his wife, Ange, have started numerous Christian communities like Dilaram (working with travellers on the hippie trail), Aashiana, (for local young people), Sahara (an Indian drug rehab centre), Sharan (now a world-famous ministry helping the poorest of the poor in the slums of New Delhi) and Sahasee (focusing on sex-workers and drug addicts and people with HIV/AIDS). They are currently a part of the Waiters Union, an inner city Christian community network working with Aborigines, refugees and people with disabilities in Australia. Out of the Waiters Union has grown the Community Initiatives Resource Association, auspicing local experimental community activities, and the Community Praxis Coop, providing holistic community work training.

Dave studied anthropology, theology and mission at Fuller Seminary and community development at a postgraduate level at the University of Queensland. His master’s thesis was on how to develop a community of hope in a hopeless situation. Dave also teaches courses on community development in Australia at the Bible College of Queensland, the Queensland College of Theology and Australian College of Ministries, and in many countries including Cambodia, India, and Afghanistan as a consultant with Tear Australia, a Christian Aid Agency.

Dave has written extensively on spirituality and community in journals and magazine articles. He has also published various books such as “Christi-Anarcy: Discovering a Radical Spirituality of Compassion” and “Building a Better World: Developing Communities of Hope in Troubled Times”.

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About Boon Kia Meng:

Kia Meng, a co-founder of FIC, is an educator and activist. He is currently working on a film exploring democracy and the Malaysian economy. He secretly hopes that Christians would be revolutionary agents in movements for social change and justice the world over.

About Friends-In-Conversation:

Friends-In-Conversation is a friendship of followers of Jesus who are called to participate in and create a safe space for reflective and constructive conversations on faith, spirituality, community and society, leading to embodied possibilities and deeper engagement. We are also in friendship and conversation with people of other faiths, to deepen mutual understanding and appreciation, as a foundation for constructive partnerships in a pluralistic society. We believe that creating a space for such conversations requires the firm foundation of friendship – hence the importance of trust, humility, generosity, affirming speech and emphatic listening in all our engagements.


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