What would Jesus be doing in Malaysia: A Community Action Network Event

The good folks at Community Action Network (CAN) is organizing a thought provoking event in the month of August. See details below:

What would Jesus be doing in Malaysia?

As the winds of change blow in this most exciting times of political change in Malaysia, the only obstacle that is preventing the change from actually taking place are the Malaysian “Fence Sitters” who for the last 54 years have been afraid to make that choice for change. Many amongst this also reside in our Churches and sit glued to benches and pews during Sunday service without fail, listening fervently to what Jesus may be saying to them. There is a growing awakening amongst all Malaysians on the need for real change-a reform of the political landscape for Malaysians. Yet there seem to be a disjoint of the faith growth within the churches and the growth without amongst all Malaysians.This seemingly 2 worlds of faith and politics are challenge to all Christians. Is there 2 lives or only 1 life we live according to the will of God? What would Jesus be doing in Malaysia today?

This questions is at the heart of the forum on Biblical thought andaction. Our resource speakers will take us through the Bible to study the political implications/experiences of being a Christian. This is to help us enter into present day reality of the Malaysian political context, and answer the perennial thought what would Jesus do in Malaysia Today?

Moderator: Mr.Jerald Joseph (Community Action Network)

Speakers Profile:

Rev. Dr.Hermen Shastri is an ordained minister of the Methodist Church and currently serves as General Secretary of theCouncil of Churches of Malaysia .He also served as the Executive Secretary of the Christian Federation of Malaysia for 11 years. An authority on ecumenism in Asia, he has attended various local and international conferences, presenting papers and contributing articles.

Mr Paul Sinnappan is a lay theologian and social activist who is actively promoting liberation theology among Christians and people of other faiths especially those working on social justice and among marginalized and struggling groups.
Jerald Joseph is an international human rights activist and trainer who had his humble beginnings with the Catholic student movement and is currently the executive director of Dignity International, an international NGO with consultative status with the U.N.

Date : 7th August , 2012, Tuesday Time : 7.00 pm -10.00 pm Venue : Dignity International, A-2-7 Pusat Perdagangan Seksyen 8,Jalan SgJernih 8/1,Petaling Jaya, Selangor,46050,Malaysia [map as attached] Please confirm attendance ( as seats are limited) by sending your name and contact number to Ms Faribel (0123113269) –“f_maglin@yahoo.com” no later than 5th August 2012

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