The Bible Made Impossible by Christian Smith 1

The next series of videos would be a good follow up on Joshua’s previous book review related to the Bible. Asserting the authority and the reliability of the Christian scriptures is one thing, but how does the Bible function in our everyday life?


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  1. Thank you for pointing this book and the interviews. Looks like the book is going to stir some discussion in the Evangelical world.

  2. Translated for Malaysia (and at least SEA), Smith’s insights are valuable. Because, while it’s true that evangelicalism ranges from UK-Lausanne 74 type John Stott to USA CBN type Pat Robertson (some are more Stott than Robertson), perhaps a sociological study turn up the results that most people on the ground operates with the “Biblicism” Smith talks about here, and therefore more Robertson whether they know who either of these guys are.

    This is most clearly reflected in the popular uncritical attitudes and discussions on Islam in general. I think coupled with Smith’s intervention and corrective, it might be good to always compare with while having a tinge of humor with Keyword: Watch. Some might say, “watch and pray” 🙂

  3. I just read Kevin DeYoung’s review of the book and find it fascinating where he disagrees with Smith’s entire thesis:

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